Oct 09
Ferrum Inc. - Exhibitor at Specialty & Agro Chemicals America

Again in 2017, CESCO partner Ferrum Inc. was present at this small but very focused show in Charleston, SC. Also this year, it was a pleasure to welcome many participants at Table at the Hotel Belmond Charleston Place. We not only appreciated the interesting conversations held in a pleasant atmosphere, but also the direct contacts to our existing and potential customers. We thank all the visitors and look forward to actively support you with current and future projects with centrifuges from Ferrum.

Patrick at Trade Show.jpg

Jan 20
CESCO Sells Modular Distillation Plant for Solvent Recovery & Purification for Re-Use

​CESCO was involved in the sale of a modular distillation plant, designed and built by partner Sulzer Chemtech USA, Inc.​​, and installed in the Charlotte, NC area.  The scope also included a hot oil skid designed and fabricated by Heatec, Inc., another CESCO partner.  The plant is used for the recovery and purification of dimethylacetamide (DMAc), an important solvent used in the ​manufacturing of engineered thermoplastics for high temperature applications​.

Sulzer-PBI Distillation Skid.jpg

Sulzer Modular Distillation Plant

Heatec PBI.JPG

Heatec Thermal Fluid Heater

Aug 11
Successful Installation for LAKOS in Filtering Out Cooling Tower Particulates to Protect Downstream Heat Transfer Surfaces

​CESCO was involved in the successful sale and installation of a LAKOS filtration skid at an inorganic chemical plant in North Carolina.  The equipment was installed in between their cooling tower system and important process heat transfer equipment being fed by the tower water.  

LAKOS Installation in Hamlet, NC.jpg

Jun 14
CESCO's Skid/Module Partner IPEC Expands with New Space

​CESCO's skid/module partner IPEC​ recently expanded with ​​added manufacturing space.  The building includes an increased roof height to approximately 35 ft which allows IPEC to manufacture systems taller than previously possible. The new space also features an additional customer conference room and test area.

IPEC Expansion 1.jpg
IPEC Expansion 2.jpg

Jun 12
CESCO Involved in Successful Start-Up of DEC Big Bag Discharge Station & Powder Transfer System (PTS) at Chemical Plant

Before a chemical plant in South Carolina installed equipment from the DEC Group, it took them up to 8 hours to completely charge their reactor with powder (12 x 300 lb big bags). The DEC system was able to complete this process in approximately 1.5 hours (3-5 minutes to evacuate the bag, and 2-3 minutes to connect/disconnect the bag).  The new equipment replaced a hopper/screw feeder system that did not work very well. Operators would lift 12 bags, 3 stories to the top of the reactor. From the elevator, they would take portable fork lifts and move powder to the screw feeder, located 6-8 feet from the reactor. A hoist was then used to lift the bag above the hopper. The string on the bag was pulled and created a huge dust cloud as the powder flowed into the hopper. They would then start the screw feeder and dump into the vessel containing solvent (xylene). The screw feeder would reliably malfunction every batch and powder would always get stuck in the screw. The screw fed to a rotary valve that would dispense powder in a reactor. They experienced problems with rotary valves when the powder was dispensed, as if the reactor was under pressure and solvent is present, solvent would enter the rotary valve. This almost always caused build up on the rotary valve and eventually powder was unable to flow.  The DEC big bag station and Powder Transfer System (PTS) was superior from the start. Before discharge, the PTS is pressurized to a higher pressure than the reactor, guaranteeing that no solvent can enter the PTS chamber during discharge.  During this entire process, operators were used to wearing full PPE (full body suits and respirators).  The DEC solution eliminated the need to transport bags to the 3rd floor. This allowed all raw materials to be delivered, handled, and disposed of in one location. The DEC solution decreased the reactor loading time by over 530%. As you can see from the pictures, the new equipment made it possible for the operators to eliminate the need for full PPE. After the first 12 bags were emptied, operators were smiling and high-fiving one another. The operators and engineers were very pleased with the outcome of this project.



Jun 06
CESCO Attends Ferrum Global Sales Rep Meeting in Switzerland

Members of CESCO sales team attended the Ferrum global sales rep meeting in Schafisheim, Switzerland during the week of May 30th.  While there, the team was able to see 3 x P100/2 NC machines that were fabricated for a CESCO customer:

Ferrum Pic 1.jpg

Ferrum Pic 2.jpg

Ferrum Pic 3.jpg

Ferrum Pic 4.jpg

Jun 06
CESCO Visits SGL Carbon Technic SAS Shop in France

​Members of the CESCO sales team visited the SGL Carbon Technic SAS fabrication shop in France on June 3rd.  The shop specializes in making carbon graphite block heat exchangers, and carbon graphite centrifugal pumps.

Raw material blocks from another plant within SGL:

SGL raw material.jpg 

Machined section of block heat exchanger:
SGL Block.jpg

Carbon graphite centrifugal pump:

SGL Graphite Pump.jpg

Cutaway of carbon graphite pump casing:

SGL Graphite Pump cutaway.jpg

Jun 06
CESCO Visits Alfa Laval Welded Heat Exchanger Shop in France

​On June 3rd, members of the CESCO sales team visited the Alfa Laval welded heat exchanger shop in Fontanil Cornillon, France.  The shop is very impressive, clean, and well organized.  The production area toured is used for the production of the DuroShell, COMPABLOC, and AlfaRex products.

Fontanil Pic.jpg


Duroshell Pic.jpg COMPABLOC:​​

CP Pic.jpg

COMPABLOC Plate Sizes:

CP Plates.jpg

May 23
Alfa Tour Product Demonstration Truck Tours the Carolinas

​During the weeks of May 16th and 23rd, the Alfa Tour product truck from Alfa Laval Inc. toured several CESCO customers in the Carolinas.  

Tour 4.jpg

Products demonstrated included:

Tour 2.jpg

Tour 3.jpg

On several stops, lunch and learn presentations on heat transfer were provided:

Tour 1.jpg

May 10
CESCO Runs Field Tests with LAKOS Industrial Centrifugal Separator Technology

​Today​,​ CESCO rans field demonstrations at two different industrial accounts, one a rendering plant and one a chlor-​alkali facility that manufactures a chlorine-based agricultural chemical.  Both applications centered around customer interest in cleaning up cooling tower feed water to important process heat transfer equipment that is getting fouled and losing heat transfer performance in between increasingly frequent heat exchanger cleaning cycles.  The demonstrations at both facilities convinced the customers to invest in the very compact and efficient LAKOS Industrial Centrifugal Separator Technology.  Click this link for a copy of their brochure:

LAKOS Industrial Process Fluids Brochure

LAKOS Lab.jpg

LAKOS Pilot.jpg

LAKOS Trailer.jpg

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